Monday, March 31, 2008

Time to Kill...

This weekend I had a bit of time to kill, so I thought I'd get a jump start on some things I could use for AM. The first is a "proof-of-concept" test I put together. I have been watchin AM reels for a while now, and I know that one particular assignment is to do a ball with a fox-tail bouncing across the screen. I've seen people do some really clever stuff with it, and I wanted to think up something original that would allow me to do the ball bounce while still putting my own creative twist on it. There's a longer idea to this, but in short it involves a mouse trap. I built and rigged the mousetrap, and then couldn't resist giving it a test run. Hope you like it! (Again, just proof-of-concept... the animation's a little crappy, please be kind ;)

Then my wife came home, and had to do some homework, so I thought I'd do some more Maya-ing. I've seen a lot of box lifts through AM, and while the animation's usually very impressive, there's still something boring about a Lambert cube. So I thought I'd build a pumpkin to use for my lifts. I'm going to give it clusters and whatnot to make it feel inside-heavy and "fleshy." This is just one render (ignore the "hay," I was bored) of how it looks, but I'm decently happy with it! Hope you like!

I had one more project this weekend (besides rigging an accorn, which isn't very exciting) but sadly my connection's not letting me upload the video, so I'm afraid you'll just have to wait for it! Until next time!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to School...

I've officially been accepted into Animation Mentor! Yippieeeee! Pending finding the financial means, I will begin classes June 30th. That gives me a nice long time to sit on my butt... Actually, it works out well, as Golden Axe is currently in "crunch" mode, and things will be crazy until around May or June.

So from here on in, this blog will be solely dedicated to my progress through AM. Things'll get a little nuts, I imagine, so I may not be able to post as frequently as I'd like, but we'll see what happens!

Wish me luck!