Monday, May 5, 2008



Just another animation test in preparation for Animation Mentor. This one is a gag I was thinking of as part of a short I'd like to do. The bullet holes were all created using booleans, although next time I may use textures, as booleans can cause serious geometry issues. Worked pretty well for me here tho!
This test was also a chance to take my new rig, Larry, for a test drive. In the hands of a more proficient rigger, he would've been much easier to control, but he works well enough for my needs.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

I finally have my first published title! Iron Man (the game) came out yesterday. While there are versions for the psp and the Wii, Secret Level (my studio) was only responsible for the PS3 and XBox360 versions.

Here's the trailer released at this year's Comic Con.

Strangely, this trailer was never released publicly, and, in my opinion, it's a much better trailer than the ones that were released:

http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=rFYTVR3jwQM

And as a bonus, it has four (maybe five) of my shots in it :) Yay for getting onto Youtube (which is mostly controlled by 12 year old American Idol hopefuls with webcams)!

Here's a shots list:

-Directly after the Fighter Jet shot, there's a quick slow-to-turning shot of Iron Man with his air break wings out.

-(I think the shot directly following this of Iron Man flying down into the camera is mine, but if so, they tweaked the timing to look cartoony... BOOOOO!)
-Directly after he takes out a helicopter with his pulse blastin' chest, there's a shot where he does a barrel roll.

-Directly after it says "In Air or On the Ground", this is a sequence of the final boss battle Cinematic I did.

-Directly after it says "You are a One Man Army", when he flies past the camera, this is another clip from a Cinematic I did.

Hope you like it! I'm just excited to have been a part of such a great game! The movie's DEFINITELY worth checking out in theaters! It's so awesome!!!