Monday, June 29, 2009

Going into Class 4 (again)...

... this is where I am starting from on my dialogue shot. I consider it about 90% complete. The main thing that needs work is the left arm, but I'm hoping to get more feedback on it, and perhaps it will require a whole new overhaul :D

Updates soon!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back At It!!

The next three months will most likely be the craziest of my life (thus far): I will be back at Animation Mentor for what is said to be the hardest class, my wife and I will be moving across the Bay, and, most importantly, baby Taylor Madison will be arriving.

I was reading Cameron Fielding's blog, and realized that most of what he posts is not vein news about himself, but animation tips and tricks, including breakdowns of some of his super influential work. I recently met Cameron, having been familiar with his work for some time. A nicer guy you will never meet. But the point is, he has a very busy life, and so that will not serve as an excuse for me.

I will be doing breakdowns of my shots as I progress, because, at least for me, that is the best way to learn animation. So check back here soon for my AM breakdowns! -- and some Champions Online breakdowns once the game is published ;D