Monday, August 4, 2008

Stupidly Famous...

A'right so I'm not one to brag or boast, but... I am now stupidly famous! Here's the scoop:

So we've been finishing up on Golden Axe: Beast Rider (Beast Wars and Beast Master were taken... ho hum) and so we've been putting a bit of work into helping out Sega Marketing. The art dept. came to me and asked me to whip up some character and creature poses for them, and just render them out w/ lamberts (I'll post the original renders soon). After I finished, about a month and a half went by and I didn't hear a word.

Then today, one of my fellow animators came and says to me, "Dood," he says, "I just opened up Play Magazine and spotted your ad." So I dropped my mouse and ran to Borders. Lo and behold, there in the very back page of the August 2008 Play Magazine was a two page spread of the poses I'd created! Woot woot!

Oh, and I've recently created another set of poses which should be showing up in a three page centerfold in some magazine somewhere some time soon.

Sorry for the lousy picture, our work scanner is junk so I took these w/ our home camera!


Karna said...

Wooohooooo who's the mannnn!

xKhanartistx said...

w00t! w00t! that's sweeeet!