Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can't Get Involved: First Polish Pass

It's still full of problems, but this is the first polish pass on my latest shot. I'm pretty happy w/ it so far, but of course am always open to critique :)

[Note: we don't have facial controls yet, so the lipsync is not meant to be accurate. Think of this as a pantomime to audio at this point]


rdchan said...

Hey Travis! Great work man! It's really good. Really smooth and great acting. I do have some small comments if you don't mind? One thing, is that i think when he starts taking steps, he sorta loses his weight a little bit, as if the root is translating across at an even speed and legs are just stepping along for the ride. So maybe having more shift in his weight or change up the timing in his translation more.. or maybe a tad more up and down motion. Also another thing, is his left hand on his hip. I didn't catch it the first few times cause it happened so fast, so maybe holding it there longer so it reads better? I think the timing it's at now feels a little unnatural. So I think it either needs less time on the hips to make it seem like he was about to rest his hand there, and then gets caught up in the conversation again, or more time on the hips to make it read better.. or maybe just get rid of it altogether cause it doesn't really add much to the acting? Yeah i dunno. Just some things i noticed. But other than that, yeah, it's looking amazing. Can't wait to see the finished product! I'm envious of your animation ninja skills!

rdchan said...

k sorry.. looking at it again, it looks like you have some change in timing in regards to the walking. But the legs still feel disconnected from the body if you know what i mean? Maybe exaggerate it more to really sell the shift in weight, or have the leg move later. I don't know really. haha. Sorry wish i could be more of a help.

Animator Trav said...

Haha, no thats a huge help, Ryan. Thanks for checking it out and taking the time to crit, bro! Much appreciated. And ya, the legs are mutually untouched at this point, cuz i wanted to get everything else right first, so good eye! My mentor didnt even mention that.

Thanks bro.

Daniel Huertas said...

hey Trav how is it going?? i didn't know you had a blog man.. it's cool to still be able to see my classmate's work even for me that i stopped AM.. :P

pretty good stuff so far in your blog.. keep at it!

about your acting choice on this piece i think it's waaay too busy on the hands and hitting a lot of poses very fast.. try to find your storytelling poses only 3 or 4 that says enough for the shot and milk them.. you don't need the hands on the hips and then gesturing back again because it's a bit distracting to read..

also remember that the further your hands are away from the body the bigger the gesture.. and i think on this audio clip the discussion is pretty controlled in terms of acting choice and acting pattern..

all the best man!! i will come back and check your stuff often.. :)