Monday, October 20, 2008

Golden Axe: Beast Rider FTW!!!

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Wooo hoooo!!! I'm officially published!!!

Okay, so I was credited for Iron Man, but I didn't take great pride in that credit as I only worked on the game for 3 weeks. However, I have poured heart and soul into Golden Axe: Beast Rider for the past year, and I am super excited that it has been published.

Now, while I know you are all going to run right out and buy it and look for my name in the credits, there's something else in the credits I'm even more excited about! My wife Nikki has a credit in there! Her first credit EVER! She's under Special Thanks. If I have my way, you'll be seeing Nikki Howe in the credits of a lot more projects in the future!


Here's one of my animations from GAX. I'll be piecing a reel together soon! A little intro to this animation:

Jeff Cooperman and I shared what I consider to be the coolest part of Golden Axe: the Twins. One has metal boxing gloves (we call him Mituunz), and the other has spiky leg-armor (we call him Buutz). Jeff did most of Mituunz's animation, and I got to do Buutz. They wanted something to distinguish the two when they do brutal attacks, so that when the player fought against both at once (which does eventually happen), they could tell instantly which boss they just got attacked by strictly by the move. For Mituunz, Jeff decided a throw made the most sense (it's a really funny animation where he plops a hand down on Tyris' head, then picks her up by her hair and tosses her. hahahaha!). My thinking was that if I were that size and I was fighting someone the size of a chihuahua, my first instinct would be to just punt that thing across the field. And it worked well, because Buutz was supposed to have mostly foot-attacks, so a kick fit right in.

Hope you like it!

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