Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I didn't make a costume this year, so to make up for it, I put an oven door behind the secretary's desk, along with this delicious recipe:

Sega Employee, a la carte

"3-Time Bake-Your-Employee Contest Winning Recipe!"

5-7 Strategically-placed buckets of candy
At least 5 dumb employees (12-15 if dish is prepared for party or social event)
Warm, charming atmosphere (such as candy hut or game studio)
Costume (keep 'witch' identity secret at ALL COSTS)
Candy Bar (or fruit-flavored substitute if craving 'Alexis')
8 (six inch) Carrots


1. Pre-fatten dumb employees over the course of a month or two prior to event. (Use candy buckets)

2. Get employees accustomed to standing near oven door.

-idea: "Hey Brenton, come watch this hilarious YouTube video I've found..."

3. Keep employees used to seeing your face. Perch near elevator or entryway (or just wander halls randomly talking to people).

4. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) 5 hours prior to event.

5. 3 hours prior to event, hang candy bar in front of oven door (use fishing line -- they'll think it's floating by magic... tee hee!)

6. When employee nears oven door, pop out from under desk and boot them into oven.

7. Repeat steps 6-7 as many times as necessary to fill oven with yummy fattened employees.

8. Bake 2.5 hours.

9. Caution: will be hot! Let cool at least 20 mins.

10. Carrots are for flavor.

11. Enjoy!

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